• New showreel

    Let’s get reel! Here’s the latest grab-bag of things I’ve worked on lately, including MythBusters, White Rabbit Project and assorted freelance stuff. This reel is mostly all hand-drawn and puppet animation, as I’ll be making a seperate motion graphics reel soon. Enjoy!

  • Season 10 MythBusters!

    Alrighty, the first few episodes have aired and I can safely reveal all! I especially want to talk about the Indiana Jones episode, because: a) it’s my favourite and b) it was the first Season 10 episode I worked on, and was my great big guinea-pig for the new graphics style I had half-formed in […]

  • MythBusters Bullet Baloney

    MythBusters animation with a difference! Here was my big chance to introduce some classic ol’ frame-by-frame animation to the show. This was great fun, if bloody hard work. Eight solid weeks of this beast consuming my life, and I don’t mind telling anyone who is or isn’t listening. Anyway, I’ve got some work in progress […]

  • The Monsters are Back!

    Remember back to this post about the Good Monster Bad Monster book illustrations? Well, now it’s a full-blown film, part of the ‘Locks of Love’ feature by Screen ACT and SilverSun Pictures. I do love these squishy furry monsters, and they were fun to animate – loads of squash and stretch and cartoony violence. The […]

  • Einstein and Zombies

    Einstein is oddly suited to zombification…Hmm… Anyway! This is a promo for Time Vandals, the first book in an exciting new series by award winning writer Craig Cormick. Alternate Realities, Incredible Physics, and of course ZOMBIES! Produced by Pete Butz at Cry Havoc Media, animated by myself and special thanks to James Moudakis.

  • ‘Dorks’ app game

    Dorks is a strategy game set in a high fantasy world but from the perspective of the ultimate underdogs: the ugly, smelly D’orks. The first demo has been developed, with myself as animator and art director. It has been incredibly fun – I mean, who doesn’t like making monsters? Other credits include Lucas Li as […]

  • Sunchaser music video

    Fun and catchy, with a 70’s-TV-cartoon-feel, this music video is a collaboration with the film and video production company SilverSun Pictures. Part animation, part live-action music video for Australian band Sunchaser & The Wayward Orchestra. The Film clip is directed and edited by Douglas Kirk and filmed by Roger Price. Animation by yours truly, using […]

  • ‘Mi Amistad’ short film

    Two kids from very different worlds grow up together in a tiny Uruguayan town. Their simple friendship develops in innocence and childish fantasy, until time and circumstance tear them apart. Hand-drawn animated film, music score by Sam Smith. The story behind this: In my last year of University, I had a chance to spent a […]

  • ‘Godsville’ web series

    After a few thousand years, Godsville has gotten a little crowded and the latest residence squeeze has Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Kali, Zeus, Freyja, Cupid, Mother Nature (aka Big Mamma), Rainbow Serpent and Lara – more dysfunctional than ever before – living together under the one roof. Yep, this is the REAL city of the Gods…its […]