I’ve just sent some money across to this great little animation project. The stop-motion camera work has all wrapped up, and it looks brilliant from what I can see on their Pozible webpage. I’m particularly interested in the animators they say they’ve got on board for this (especially as the project has got such a […]


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Sunchaser music video

Fun and catchy, with a 70’s-TV-cartoon-feel, this music video is a collaboration with the film and video production company SilverSun Pictures. Part animation, part live-action music video for Australian band Sunchaser & The Wayward Orchestra. The Film clip is directed and edited by Douglas Kirk and filmed by Roger Price. Animation by yours truly, using […]

‘Mi Amistad’ short film

Two kids from very different worlds grow up together in a tiny Uruguayan town. Their simple friendship develops in innocence and childish fantasy, until time and circumstance tear them apart. Hand-drawn animated film, music score by Sam Smith. The story behind this: In my last year of University, I had a chance to spent a […]

‘Godsville’ web series

After a few thousand years, Godsville has gotten a little crowded and the latest residence squeeze has Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Kali, Zeus, Freyja, Cupid, Mother Nature (aka Big Mamma), Rainbow Serpent and Lara – more dysfunctional than ever before – living together under the one roof. Yep, this is the REAL city of the Gods…its […]



2012 Animation Reel

Under Construction

KW Animation will be up and running by the end of February, 2012. Stay tuned for the toons, my web-habitarians. Cheers, Katie