Anatomy class is DONE!

Oh man, 2 months of intense art cramming is over. This was Ron Lemen’s Analytical Figure Drawing class, and I’d totally recommend it for getting your accurate human drawing skills up to snuff.
Every week had an assignment – you’ve seen the gesture drawing one. Here’s a sample of the rest, for your judgement:

Wk 2: Skeletons
Wk 3: Head Structure
Wk3_Head Structure
Wk 4: Torso Muscles
Wk 5: Back Muscles
Wk 7: Legs
And finally, Wk 8: Everything we learned plus a shaded drawing

Welp, there we go. I’ve never concentrated so hard and been so detailed in my approach to human figures – I feel it’s done me good.
Oh, and if you’re going to take this course, I heartily recommend getting those human anatomy posters – you know the ones in doctor’s offices, with skeletons and muscle systems all laid out and labeled? SUPER HANDY, believe me. They’re up on my studio wall now and they are not moving.
All the best folks, I”m going to binge on Archer now.

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