Behind The Lines

This little beauty is a freelance gig I did for SilverSun Pictures. It’s a commercial for the annual Behind The Lines exhibit in Canberra, and I think you can see why the job appealed to me.

The illustration is by Mark Knight, and my job was to cut it up and make it move. Here’s what I started with:

Team Australia

Team Australia

And then, because I wanted a number of extreme poses, I just had to draw and re-draw the caricature’s bodies, arms and legs. I’m so glad Mark uses that expressive, scattered linework – I could have things be messy and still on-model (just). Here’s a couple of images to give you an idea of the process:


Terrified yet? Here’s Julie (laser beams done in post. You’ll just have to watch the video again to see them, won’t you):


(A bit like game sprites, huh? Ooo, that’s an idea, a Team Australia game…)
The hardest part was colouring. Twisting the union jack around the limbs was especially icky, as well as keeping all them stars where they should be.
We should get a new flag, it’ll make my job easier.

Anyhow, hoped you enjoyed all the spandex and budgy smugglers.

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