New showreel

Let’s get reel! Here’s the latest grab-bag of things I’ve worked on lately, including MythBusters, White Rabbit Project and assorted freelance stuff. This reel is mostly all hand-drawn and puppet animation, as I’ll be making a seperate motion graphics reel soon. Enjoy!

Studying Again

Painting’s pretty great. Especially the digital kind, with that ‘UNDO’ button. But I never properly learned how, so I’ve gone back to CGMA and signed up for their Digital Painting course. I’m 3 weeks in, and the homework’s been interesting (and frustrating at times): Above is a textures exercise. The idea is to find photos […]

Dust of the Earth

My ever-patient husband finally has the bookcover I promised him months ago. This is for his cyberpunk novel ‘Dust of the Earth’ (link opens to the amazon kindle page) that he recently self-published. I’m very proud of him, and fully endorse this new direction in his life. He used to be a stuntman you see, […]

Anatomy class is DONE!

Oh man, 2 months of intense art cramming is over. This was Ron Lemen’s Analytical Figure Drawing class, and I’d totally recommend it for getting your accurate human drawing skills up to snuff. Every week had an assignment – you’ve seen the gesture drawing one. Here’s a sample of the rest, for your judgement: Wk […]

Learnin’ drawing all proper-like.

Who DOESN’T want more homework in their life? You? Oh. Well anyway, I started a CGMA masterclass last week, and already I’m up to my eyeballs in homework – which is good, really. I like their high expectations and rigour. The course is Analytical Figure Drawing with Ron Lemen, and I took it hoping to […]

Behind The Lines

This little beauty is a freelance gig I did for SilverSun Pictures. It’s a commercial for the annual Behind The Lines exhibit in Canberra, and I think you can see why the job appealed to me. The illustration is by Mark Knight, and my job was to cut it up and make it move. Here’s […]

Random Sketchypoos

In a heartfelt and oft-failing attempt to sketch every day this year, I’ve actually got a pile of rough sketches I like. A small pile, but it exists! They’re not good enough for the illustration page, but I wanted to keep a record of them before they get trampled/abducted/destroyed by cat. Behold, the current faves:

Narnia in my bedroom

So, my parents were pretty cool to me back when I was a high-schooler. Granted, I’d been scribbling pencil and crayon on the walls since I was tiny, so maybe their ‘permission’ was more like surrender. Either way, when I was 15 I started painting lions, dragons and swashbuckling scenes on my bedroom walls. When […]

Season 10 MythBusters!

Alrighty, the first few episodes have aired and I can safely reveal all! I especially want to talk about the Indiana Jones episode, because: a) it’s my favourite and b) it was the first Season 10 episode I worked on, and was my great big guinea-pig for the new graphics style I had half-formed in […]

Hunstberger Junk

I went to LA and met lil’ Davey Hunstberger! (except…well I’m the lil’ one there.) David is one leg of the three-legged-stool that is Professor Blastoff, a comedy science podcast that is the best. Just the best. No arguments. So congrats to David for successfully wrangling a bunch of animators to produce work for his […]