‘Dorks’ app game

Dorks is a strategy game set in a high fantasy world but from the perspective of the ultimate underdogs: the ugly, smelly D’orks. The first demo has been developed, with myself as animator and art director. It has been incredibly fun – I mean, who doesn’t like making monsters? Other credits include Lucas Li as project manager and scriptwriter, and Daniel Fenek as programmer. Links to the demo and official website coming soon – for now, enjoy these character sprites…

The thick yet aborable melee unit, ‘Thumper’

D’ork units turn to slime when they die.

My personal favourite: the range unit ‘Snot Slinger’


3 Responses to “‘Dorks’ app game”

  1. Hi Katie,

    Dorks! Lucas is a friend of mine! And I did the initial concept art before my wife and I moved to Vancouver.
    So glad to see its still alive! I like the thumper character.

    We’re moving back to Australia in September, and it would be great to help out again if you need any.

    Say hi to Lucas for me, and I hope the Dorks are treating you well!



    • puzzledkitty says:

      Ah, so those sketches are yours! Moving back huh, permanently or for a holiday? I’d love to catch up, and maybe get you on board for a TV animated show Kieron and I are making. There may well be a Dorks job waiting for you too. Lucas is going full steam ahead with it and we’re entering the game in a festival contest in a couple of days. All the best, Simon!

      • Simon says:


        Tv Show!? Sounds awesome. Good old Kieron! I love his hair.
        I did some work with him before, Great guy.

        We’re most probably moving back indefinitely, all depends on work and things.

        Good luck with Dorks in the festival I’d love to see more!!



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