Dust of the Earth

My ever-patient husband finally has the bookcover I promised him months ago.
This is for his cyberpunk novel ‘Dust of the Earth’ (link opens to the amazon kindle page) that he recently self-published. I’m very proud of him, and fully endorse this new direction in his life. He used to be a stuntman you see, and after years of being thrown off balconies and dragged behind cars, I’m glad he’s making his characters get the bruises instead.

Here’s some work-in-progess if you’re into that sorta thing:

01. Ian posing for me, and a little Ghost in the Shell inspiration.
02. Started in black in white to get the tones right. Gave Ian some chiseled good looks too 😉
03. I find robotic/mechanical things very difficult, and this cyber-goon took a looong time. How light and shadow look on a metal & plastic surface just isn’t intuitive for me yet, like it is with skin.
05. Time for colour! And to deal with that gun holster thingy…(I really am exploring all my weaknesses with this work; I’m not good with guns :/ )
06. And finally, figuring out layout & font & polishing up & all the stuff that takes you hours past your bedtime. Have a look back at the top image to see the final piece. As always, critiques welcome.
(Also, I encourage you to read Ian’s book. It’s a fun ride)


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