Learnin’ drawing all proper-like.

Who DOESN’T want more homework in their life?

Well anyway, I started a CGMA masterclass last week, and already I’m up to my eyeballs in homework – which is good, really. I like their high expectations and rigour.
The course is Analytical Figure Drawing with Ron Lemen, and I took it hoping to get a really good education on drawing humans, because I never had that basic training at school or Uni.

So far, so great. Here’s a sample of the 50 (YES, 50!) gesture drawings I had to do last week, following Ron’s two-layer procedure.

There are two layers to each drawing, done traditionally on tracing paper. The bottom layer is a mannequin – a pillow for the torso, stick-figure limbs, and triangle shapes for the feet. Then ontop of this basic structure is the curvy, fleshy outlines. It’s a really good method I’ve never tried before. You’ll probably see it better in this gif:


Next week’s task involves drawing bones and boxes (teeheehee). The homework’s equally hardcore, so I may post them…or I may be sleeping in an exhausted pile.


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  1. Cool! Would be interested if you find it helpful overall or just exhausting 🙂 I really need some kind of intensive ‘how to draw people’ training. I’m just guessing really.

    • puzzledkitty says:

      I think it’s helpful so far. I’ve definitely learned things I’ll use in future, and it’s good motivation to do a bunch of basic drawing practice throughout the week. I’ll post more updates as I go.

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