‘Mi Amistad’ short film

Two kids from very different worlds grow up together in a tiny Uruguayan town. Their simple friendship develops in innocence and childish fantasy, until time and circumstance tear them apart.
Hand-drawn animated film, music score by Sam Smith.

The story behind this:

In my last year of University, I had a chance to spent a whole year making one film, and I decided to look back on one of the most important, if confusing, part of my life.
I grew up in Uruguay, in a little northern town called Salto. My parents worked for over six years in humanitarian aid with the local churches. We left when I was 11 to go live in Australia. (It was a massive culture shock, despite having Aussie parents)

The film is based on my last days in Salto, and the disruption of my friendship with the kids who lived there, most who lived in the poor outskirts of town where my parents were working.
I was about to travel on a plane, and live in a wealthier country. This realisation, that I had privileges my closest friends didn’t, was a tough thing for a little kid to think about. Neither I or my friends could really express it at the time.
This film was my attempt to express those feelings of alienation, difference and loss from the point of view of a kid.
I also wanted to draw the town I grew up in, the characters and landscape I still love and miss.

Thanks for watching.

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