Psycho Chicken

Hey all, I have a nice, somewhat rare opportunity to show work-in-progress here.

Psycho Chicken (what a name!) is a fast-yet-healthy food business in Sydney.
Nic (a sound designer buddy of mine) and I have decided to make an animated TVC for these guys as a bit of an exercise and test of our speed and resources. (And yes, the Psycho Chicken boss agreed!) SO, without any need for secrecy or client confidence, I can post every part of the production process.

First off is the story-boarding. Well. What else could we possibly do but a re-make of Hitchcock’s classic Psycho shower scene? Honestly I TRIED… I tried REALLY hard… But I couldn’t think of anything more fun.
Storyboard 1Stroyboard 2
With the basic story in place, Nic and I agreed on a Warner-Bros animation style. This has a lot of ‘rubber-arm’ physicality, absurd violence and animation techniques such as smearing which adds a lot of zaniness and energy. (Not to mention removes the horror of ‘Psycho’s’ violence, and just makes it absurdly funny) So I spent some time watching other crazy birds such as the Road Runner and Foghorn Leghorn.
coyote roadrunner
Yesterday I jumped into test animations. Here’s our chicken villain, coming to get you…

Chicken stalking
Pretty damn fun. And here’s the vegetables caught in the shower.

Veggies screaming
I’m doing more work on this today. It’s one of those blessed projects where one wakes up in the morning, grinning at the prospect of working. Ah, cartoon violence. Nothing like it.


3 Responses to “Psycho Chicken”

  1. Katrina says:

    Hi Puzzledkitty,

    I was just scrolling through Google and came across your animation of Psycho Chicken. I’m the owner of Psycho Chicken and I remember when you contacted me regarding this but I never got to see your work until now, purely by accident. This is very funny!! I would love to hear from you and your news about your project.

    Katrina, Owner Psycho Chicken

    • puzzledkitty says:

      Hi Katrina,
      I’m sorry I didn’t chat to you sooner! Yeah, poor ol’ cartoon chicken never got much further than this, because I had the good fortune of getting a full time animation job at Beyond Productions. That was great for me, but bad news for a lot of my side/experimental/hobby animations. I can chat to Nick again and see if he’s interested in picking it up again in 2014.
      Do you think it has potential and is something you might want to use? If that’s the case I’m more than happy to look at making a polished, professional job of it.

      All the best, and may you survive christmas with sanity intact,

      • Katrina says:

        Hi Katie,

        It’s Katrina again, the owner of Psycho Chicken. I am very late in my reply to you but I just wanted to know how we could use this and how it would work.


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