Studying Again

Painting’s pretty great. Especially the digital kind, with that ‘UNDO’ button. But I never properly learned how, so I’ve gone back to CGMA and signed up for their Digital Painting course.
I’m 3 weeks in, and the homework’s been interesting (and frustrating at times):

week-2-texturesAbove is a textures exercise. The idea is to find photos of different textures, and paint them on a sphere. It really forces you to look and analyse, rather than just copy. The snake was more trouble than I thought it would be – it actually turned out to be the hardest.

week1-film studiesWe did some master studies too, taking stills from films and learning composition & lighting from them. And then came this week’s challenge: a ‘Master Copy’ (copying a painting from a ‘master’ artist). I chose one from John S Sargent.

week-3_mastercopy I’ll admit it – painting the dog was way more fun than painting the girl! But it is such a lovely image, I hope I did it some justice.
Well, my brain’s already hurting. Let’s see how the next 5 weeks go.

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