Sunchaser music video

Fun and catchy, with a 70’s-TV-cartoon-feel, this music video is a collaboration with the film and video production company SilverSun Pictures. Part animation, part live-action music video for Australian band Sunchaser & The Wayward Orchestra.
The Film clip is directed and edited by Douglas Kirk and filmed by Roger Price. Animation by yours truly, using brilliant character designs by illustrator Kieron Pratt.
Animation Post Processing by Nathan Clark.
Live Performance lighting/stage production by Gary Peadon/Greenroom.

EDIT, 2014:
I’ve got a soft spot for this one, as it was kinda my big break. I was learning ToonBoom Animate at the time, and wanted a nice big project to practice with. I was also really into Venture Bros and old nostalgia cartoons back then, so was really keen to animate with a 70’s toony style. I watched Scoobydoo and Josie and the Pussycats over and over – hopefully you can see the influence in the characters’ movements and run.

If you go to 1:07 on the music video, you’ll see the world transition into a 16-bit platform game. This was the first time I got to play with sprite animation, and back then I was terribly ignorant of pixel art and sprite sheets. But nothing teaches more efficiently than a deadline, and I pulled through with a little help from Megaman and Princess Peach. Enjoy, folks. I certainly did.
MegaMan7 Sprite Sheet. Mega help.

MegaMan7 Sprite Sheet.
Mega help.

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