Einstein and Zombies

Einstein is oddly suited to zombification…Hmm… Anyway! This is a promo for Time Vandals, the first book in an exciting new series by award winning writer Craig Cormick. Alternate Realities, Incredible Physics, and of course ZOMBIES! Produced by Pete Butz at Cry Havoc Media, animated by myself and special thanks to James Moudakis.

Psychotics continue

I have an update from the Psycho Chicken project for your greedy little eyes. Here is an inked version of the complete TVC, about 18 seconds long. So far, the animation and inking has taken a grand total of 40 hrs. At 2 hrs per second, that’s pretty cool. Next stage is the colouring. What […]

Psycho Chicken

Hey all, I have a nice, somewhat rare opportunity to show work-in-progress here. Psycho Chicken (what a name!) is a fast-yet-healthy food business in Sydney. Nic (a sound designer buddy of mine) and I have decided to make an animated TVC for these guys as a bit of an exercise and test of our speed […]